conceived and constructed by たいとしはる tai toshiharu
The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 30th. week vol. 1

The Japanese archipelago, get and throw as a boomerang.
Before the tongue of the mouth having dried, we shall order the dish of based on spring onions and tuna. Or, before your pussy having dried, we can eat the dish of based on spring onions and duck meat. (Because, it means "An accident waiting to happen." in Japanese that a wild duck comes carrying spring onions.)
She makes herself up, so, shakes a scythe, cuts off three heads and gets. Or, she fall in love with, so, shakes a scythe, cuts off three heads and gets.
After spanked by her, I wonder whether should I run after her, anyway, dosojin, the road ancestor god in Japan. is watching us.
On a sunny spot, before setting the table for dinner, a bottle of soy sause is there.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 29th. week vol. 2

A cat within, a chest of drawers is falling down under the cliff.
To be announced being under The Cure, if you opened the door, you could understand it was Cheap Trick.
If you ask some questions to the snot-nosed kid, you will turn out just as his wished. Or, if you ask the snot-nosed kid what is this, it is the jar what he wonders about , no doubt.
On the sunset, getting some sun, the bent back tried to do a forward upward circling on the bar.
Sprouts of plants shooting from under the soil, grasping a razor, under her arm, there are.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 29th. week vol. 1

In revenge, "Yes, it is. You're right" saying, I've danced with.
To hunt a street-woman, he attracts with ground bait at the dead end corner.
A whale's born, suck and lick, and lose mineral for his health.
Tracing a funiculus umbilicalis, it joined to an elektriciteit.
By "surgicar opelation", the screw on my crotch turns right-handed, too.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 28th. week vol. 2

On January 11 in Japan, they cerebrate Kagami Biraki ("Opening the Mirror" or "Breaking the Mirror") instead of getting the confession by suspects (In Japanese "Breaking One's Mouth" means the confession).
Though I got "In Anger", I heard two songs about it in my brain, I couldn't decide what I should do, "Look Back" or "Don't Look Back".
The gu, a poison of ancient Chinese black magick, how wonderful it is, it should make a head falling down, straightly.
The grasses with a cup by each hands instead of their names, have waited to make a line, and spent all night long.
The Sofa which was wet by your tongue, has gone so far away. Or, the sofa on which I got ecstasy under your skin, has gone so far away.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 28th. week vol. 1

Unintentionally or unexpectedly, to eat a tasty korokke (croquette in Japanese style), I want.
On October, I can hear a buzz though there is no smoky fire used to keep off mosquitoes in the night.
Saying "Not on any account!", he will hit a gong tomorrow.
Be tight‐lipped like a bottled pickles, the suspect is.
When I woke, a bloody left hand there is. Or, when I woke, my left hand got bloodied.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 27th. week

At the garden there are petrified people, except Medousa combing.
To run away from home, and sing to the sky "Mack The Knife".
After discussion all night long, (we could not come to the conclusion,) so we will talking about it other day.
What shall I do, there is a thorn in his words which he moans.
To prove for my love, when I prize open your mouth and spit at.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 26th. week

Please spin a magazine of the revolver, if you wanted, however, I let you die.
There is a thorn of the rose which you hold in your mouth.
To learn Chinese calligraphy, by ink brushes and inkstone, a threatening letter used for a example.
BlacK Lizard, Japanese female phantom thief, Gauche the cellist doesn't know, is hiding herself in his instrument.
Before being drunk, falling asleep and taking a bath, I shall give you cunnilingus.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 25th. week

By uiro, a Japanese traditional steamed cake, I am made fun of on our lover's quarrel.
It seems for old men and old women to be just hale and hearty in the examination room.
There is a lonely woman walking in the street only, so I call out to her "Uwan!", but she never lose her head. (Uwan in Japanese folklore is a disembodied voice that inhabits old, abandoned temples and homes. It is said if you hear somebody calls "Uwan!", you must answer "Uwan!" If you do not do, you should be taken away to the hell.)
The party is over, so I have nothing to do without green bristlegrass.
So lovely tortoise had gone, by cup. we made burial mound and buried.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 24th. week

At the sunset to see the west, a man who observes the wind is in a fluster.
Gathering clouds in the night, the fox will ride her horse for her wedding.
On waiting the sunshine, a child in the festival procession runs out, lilies are a little blurred in the picture.
A kind of the person who pick up a fuse from the bomb, with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, he is.
Though she died, her cunt got verminous, how strong she was.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days. the 23rd. week

Go, and go, and fill in the blanks though pretty vacant, I am.
Having some serirogans, a pharmaceutical drug and go to the lavatory with my pillow.
Where Gammera The Invincible is, Skytree has not be broken by, yet.
This is the reason why I call you, I am restricted by the voice of Keisuke Kuwata from a cable broadcasting.
I was tempted by someone's hand to get something, so I got it reduced the price \20.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 22nd. week

No-Face from the movie "Spirited Away" directed by Hayao Miyazaki takes a rest in the garden where pansies bloom.
In an arbor, a shaking corpse is there.
The niginigis, the government officials appraise the women like the chapter "Hahakigi : Broom Tree" from "The Tale Of Genji" in spite of typhoon becoming harder.
Because I'm hungry, it is a suitable weather to examine our stool, it's a fine day in this autumn.
On our half-nakedness, when we are waiting for our X-ray examination, we are caught in a shower.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 21st. week

On a skylight, scarlet bloody wetly hand print is there.
With ambition, to write a letter for Tamamo-no-Mae, the nine-tailed fox.
Ariwara no Narihira has gotten a tomboy and ridden an unruly horse at the top of his speed.
This summer have not gone, haven't it. Cicadas do not know when they should make their exit, foolishly.
To take a commission from the homeless, and to get our means of living.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 20th. week

On peeling off the withered moors picture, I found there are Mokumokuren, the Japanese spirits that live in torn shoji, Japanese paper sliding walls.
By the Sanzu River which similar to the River Styx on Japanese tradition and religious belief, a false married couple perform a farce.
I put my pork pie hat on a head of plumed cockscomb.
To sealput your seal on, be sent around Shinjuku City.
To rush into some banks with some transfer forms because it's the end of a term.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 19th. week

A teardrop from the heaven, get a water lily wet, will become hard rain to the hell.
By the imperial edict, to slaughter my child, burning with a bright flame, it is.
Be dispersed, mourning in his soul, the human vapor here is.
Be vexed, at the skin of a woman made of a rubber tube, I bite and stick my teeth.
For just a stage setting, and be built cheaply, over withered moors here is.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 18th. week vol. 2

Make him putting on a diaper, hit with a whip the ignorant, Mutsu no Kami, the governor for the land of Mutsu.
On a night of April, running over my pussycat, the tongue of a dog. Or, under the obscene moon, running over my pussycat, the tongue of a dog.
When I wind the watch, like a clockwork, Immanuel Kant goes. Or, when I wind the machine, like a clockwork, a cunt wets.
From the building fire breaks out, for the endless of this summer, an indication it is.
To the back of water, a ladle as a offering of flowers, the woman throws (to call the ghost who was drowned and will be drowned by him).

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 18th. week vol. 1

From the lunch a packed, the broth dropped off, the Rising Sun Flag you can see.
Flying like dancing, in the room where the sunshine of the sunset are coming, a butterfly made from my hands.
To a tongue from another, a suspension bridge is bending, of which made from saliva.
Itumade, the monster which crying to appeal how long a corpse is left here, so now at its feet, a few corpses are there.
From your back, putting my chin on your clavicle, of what view I can see. Or, from your back, putting my chin on your clavicle, I wonder how you can feel.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 17th. week vol. 2

By high waves in high summer, is gotten loose her straggling hair, so with only half her mind listening to.
A nightmare is getting on. my heartbeat becomes faster and stronger, but my heart is pretty vacant.
An exile have exiled, on four fingers each of the hands, "love" and "hate" are there.
A shadow I find, it hangs around there, flows sweat as one line.
The weight of your thigh, knows my left side.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 17th. week vol. 1

For an hors d'oeuvre, of my adulterous partner, an eggplant in autumn I'll eat.
Where my mother and father are there, looking for to be at a loss, I find a guillotined head on public display. Or, Where my mother and father are there, looking for to be at a loss, punished a guillotined head on public display, I am.
Be injured in this summer, finish to slurp the pus by the crimson lips.
Like algae, inviting by her arms, of Ophelia.
When offering of flowers fall, vermilion on the toenails, a dreaming a secchin from the novel "Yapou, betail humain" dreams of.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 16th. week

In a muddy place, giving myself up to, like an sleeping lungfish.
Either a sudden-death round or a game of chicken, I wonder which is suitable for me?
Have you sunburn? the girl in a school swimsuit and my "petite mort."
So, stripping yourself to the waist, for a landscape in the summer, put on vermilion by brush.
Two Monks come and go the very narrow passage. Or, two Monks come and go between her pussy and anal.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 15th. week

At the beach house, I wonder where is "Komata" in the woman's body.
Hold between her teeth, an end of the handkerchief as a sunshade putting on her head, there she is.
Showing the stomachs, also striped mosquitos have taken a nap, an extremely hot day it is.
On the first Festival of the Dead after his death, there is the eggplant, which is sticked four toothpicks as four legs and is standing as a horse for the spirit ridding on, and sap from the eggplant flows on the one of the toothpicks.
On your soft fair skin, a ripe tomato smells like a taste of honey.

composed by them.

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