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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 444th. week

Of Tsukuyomi the moon god, casting a shadow for honoring the memory, on the lake surface. Or, of Tsukuyomi the moon god, to throw himself for honoring the memory, a shadow at the lake you find.
In giving her a bath, illegitimate my child she is though, warmth of her breast I feel.
For taking my temperature, having holding in my mouth, your tongue. Or, for taking your temperature, having holding in your mouth, you should be lay down under my.
By his jealousy, only nagging around her thighs, a naughty dog he is.
Of her fiance, her head on the arm, no his infidelity she found. Or, of her fiance, her head on the arm, for his infidelity she cried.

composed by them.

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