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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 37th. week

Snowing here comes, shaking tits, shaking hips and also let them die. Or, it's snowing, with fathers, and the people who shaking their hips will die, too.
Kicking by the heel, playing a ghost leg with a geisha girl at the spa town.
From someone putting on a red bib, getting a rice cake, at the Jizo-do, the shrine for Ksitigarbha.
Muddy water, filled with, the collarbones of the Jakotsu Baba, the Japanese monster of a snake charmer, appearing as an old woman.
Snapping a toothbrush to use as the bridge for the Sanzu River. Or, snapping a toothbrush to use as chopsticks at the Sanzu River.

composed by them.

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