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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 71st. week

Or gegaki, or gekisya, or gekigaka, which is it?
[Gegaki means to write down sutras by hand in summer ango, a three-month period of intense training for students of Zen Buddhism. Gekisya means the photography series shooting female models by Kishin Shinoyama. Gekiga means one of the cartoon style, which is drown dramatic and serious, and writer of gekiga called as Gekiga-ka.]
At Suzugamori, where in Edo period a place of execution there was, ravens call and we can here the sounds of geta, his pair of.
Only blockheads are left, no blossoms are scattering, fall of the capital.
Sabu says, it can't take only five minutes to stand it.
At the north wing in this airport, it is always a rainy day when I come here, to say good-bye.

composed by them.

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