conceived and constructed by たいとしはる tai toshiharu
The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 237th. week

On the day before traveling, to go down on it's knees, a luggage does. Or, on the day before traveling, to go down onmy knees, and into a luggage.
To count on my fingers, the name of an old lady, cannot decide how to call.
Maybe it’s just me, the more my shoulders are stiff, the more my money is going out.
In the room, the same numbers of clocks, my enemies are there.
To be smeared with sands, on the edge of the surf, a girl waiting for.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 236th. week

With candy floss, Putting green laver on her tooth, how charm she is.
Looking before you leap, to learn how to dress kimono, for the first making love of the New Year.
Suffering from water shortage, to waste time on today, at a teahouse for lovers only.
On the evening glow, fallin' out almost all, my white hair is.
To read a proof, for out of season, to use a sea hare's.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 235th. week

In revenge for, whole with a kotatsu, flung it over.
At paring, to turn to the Speckled, begging her for money.
Because of her little taste, to a woman next seat, salt and pepper please. Or, because of her thin lips, to a woman next seat, salt and pepper please.
Of the unused, a condom for a side dish, a pillow talk with.
That girl is, like Chieko, soaring in the sky.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 234th. week

On this week, only by the editor, to have blamed.
A fire fighter says, source of the rumor may be, a wall outlet it's. Or, a troubleshooter says, source of the rumor may be, a wall outlet it's.
Whether playing reggae, on yesterday, today and tomorrow, it rains.
The trio there are, for three guys, girls they are.
To put up an umbrella, the little finger of my right hand, the day I can't hook.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 233rd. week

On chanting a sutra, at the room next door, being close to each other.
The electric lamp, on exchanging to new one, a ship sinks.
In where your staying, two hands of a clock, to drop out of sight.
As preying impaling in shrikes, to regard me, humid in this night it's.
Grains of boiled rice, wrapping with a leaf of ginkgo, ants haul.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 232nd. week

Three more days left, along a suture for a wound, to wear a headband.
The star fallin', at the end of a farce, to become a priest he does.
Of a hermaphrodite, either front and back, in the three‐cornered they do.
On a low dining table, before grinding tea leaves, to use weak tea (for wiping). Or, on a low dining table, before being boring, to use weak tea (for wiping).
On a fallin' love, a night sky to come into her mind, Romantisme it is.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 231st. week

At before dawn, my draining hot water from noodles, such uneasy feeling I've never had.
On clipping my toenails, as to stay there any longer, to bend over.
Of Japanese mustard spinach, as if it's not a matter of life and death, to cut it up into pieces.
A taxi, to running after, and children tumbling down.
From the edge of the moon, Yoshio folds origami, a sailboat is made.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 230th. week

From the back of a hippopotamus, how enormous it is, water dashes out.
To boggle our mind, flying to escape, bugs in summer.
Where my Irises cannot get to reach, in the distance, your hands are there.
By the sounds from small gongs, cannot to live in idleness, for autumn festival.
Some words of congratulation, to be glad to accept, from a cellular phone.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 229th. week

Reds and whites, by forward upward circling, their caps fly.
Because of standing her up, to sit down, on red rust there is.
On early in the morning, making it restart, to have a smoke.
Under a different name, at the mercy of the waves, black hair she has.
A clear blue sky after a typhoon, a cemetery for umbrellas there, I heard.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 228th. week

On a wooden floor, to get over earthing up, a die-cast car runs.
A hand towel, to bite a edge of, the possessed by a fox does.
The party's over, only one love we need, good enough for.
A rainbow appeared, an elephant smashing under his foot, a fire hydrant.
A day for having an affair, in apartment-size (smaller-size), two ochokos the utensils for drinking sake.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 227th. week

This Summer has gone, along the way, you hasn't gone have you?
A shichirin Japanese small charcoal grill, to chip a part of, a tricycle goes.
Holding her tight, a woman's tail of scorpion, turning to me.
Also today again, a woman divorced and is living with her parents again, to pick flowers agaiin.
On the last day of this month, by skill to boil beans, to play the back hip circle.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 226th. week

Cold sake to drink, in the sweat of my brow, working hard to pretend.
Although you make your fortune at one stroke, you gets holes in between your fingers.
Annihilated it was, to report on this day, two prisons we caught.
To make up for an umbrella, to spin a top, and her fingers.
To shed tears, to pretend reading a letter, by a letter to read.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 225th. week

A light goes out, over a chamber pot, crying to wait.
Every time I renew contract, I wonder, worried about this roof.
On her left hand, dyeing "Kirihito", and she laughs.
A vacuum cleaner, to be raped, play a whistle it can.
Bon Festival has over, a letter not to send, to throw it into a wastebasket.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 224th. week

Of common gardenia, the window of his mind rather than eyes, the noppera-bo has.
His nuts to cut off, sing a song for, with a detached tone.
On disposable chopsticks, fine splits are three, and thorns in my throat.
On doing push-ups, just only falling, my sweats where to go.
To dissolve by hot water, only seaweed, floating in my bowl.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 223rd. week

To have drunken enough of, licking sweat on the glass, at the early evening. Or, to have drunken enough of, licking sweat on the glass, buzzed I am.
To deliver a final blow, on the muddy pool, to be caught in an evening shower.
Pillows for summer, to be piled up two, to reach them I can.
Sweat rash rather than, a dusty electric fun, be treated to have to.
The Sun rises, and following on, the night has come.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 222nd. week

To have their names entered, to have to do that all over again, and again.
To make my blood run cold, just only nuts, too hot in spite of.
By a bride, for a very small token of her gratitude, to give a long talk.
About use by them, five or six which to be selected, to pay the balance it's the problem.
By the chirring of cicadas in chorus like rain showers, my ears are the naked, a parasol to put up though.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 221st. week

A basket-hilted sword, to raise over her head, a shadow of my mother I see.
On the end of the rainy season, to expose them to the sun, their belly button lint.
Thomasson it's looked like, by hitting, a quijada sounds.
Because of having piles, in the sweat of my brow, tea making.
Suffering a heartbreak so, to go through such a trying experience, like taste of a herbal medicine.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 220th. week

An electric fan with monoeye, going after wind isn't it, to wonder in the nights.
To serve out his time, being red‐faced, to set out at this evening. Or, to serve out his time, being red‐faced, an evening shower rains.
Round and round to go, around a back of the chair, my arms to throw.
Because of putting off, in an empty washbasin, a crab is sleeping.
At the beginning of this month, for making both ends meet, to run up.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 220th. week

On going to bed, always to surrender, because of you.
In whispering, to have it installed, bored at this night I am.
In front of station, to hasten it maybe, sweats on the tracks.
To get a tiny share of yours, your crawling on my knee, a sultry night it's.
Not going to make a deadline so, to turn back the way, having come.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 219th. week

Her own elbow, carrying it under her left arm, and a woman waiting for.
Smeared with blood you are, of the left eye yours, in madder dyed.
After bath, clipping your nails, being a slight stoop.
On the gamelan music, to be left the bells ring, lively noise it is.
On a day for parting, to hide many faults, to have seaweed soup.

composed by them.

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