conceived and constructed by たいとしはる tai toshiharu
The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 341st. week vol. 2

At the edge of the mountain, a monkey picking fleas, on the nape of the neck on another.
With a self-righting doll, from standing in a line, zombies are.
Being full, at a page so looking up, to take command.
To being in a hurry, a wallet not necessary, she steals.
Even if it's cold, only a naked man with, approving of.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 341st. week vol. 1

Being full view, from the south side of the sumo ring, how reproachful for me.
By the evil sprit, a man stolen his lover, a song for sung.
A magician does, with a vicious look, a beam looking daggers at.
The spirits of the war dead. like making welcome, a woman rising from.
On a next seat, a China girl, sticking a needle to.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 340th. week

Waiting for the moon, for killing time, to restart it.
The footsteps, missing to recording for, to take by surprise.
For using a hand of a cat, having no times, an urodele man does.
The undead does, blowing down a chest of drawers, for wasted their way.
Having the time of waiting for, to be just doing your job, to keep it in mind.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 359th. week

Getting hold of a rod, by her overhand grip, to touch my fingers on.
On this occasion, a commendable thing, trying to say.
From an eye of a corpse, left up in the air, a beetle is.
Winkles twisted, to press out, eight-map space we get.
To smear with blood, in the bottom of a pot, laughing his face seen,

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 358th. week

Surging waves, shaking with the moon, infant's wear in vermilion.
For a bait by a pine tree, also a prawn has taken off, in the first night.
From its chin, wet gotten by salvia, dead man he is.
Of the purse with a metal clasp, to tighten, just to do.
Lower strings, to tap, an offering for you.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 357th. week

Her to overdo, the grave of his second wife, punching and kicking.
In the attic, also ruts in the blues, by their pillow talks.
Of the outgoing tide, being engulfed by a spiral, with black hair.
Stubborn they are, four of pilgrimages, telling their names.
On the ferris wheel, After getting off, with indifference each other looking on.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 356th. week

Even a paste for private parts, cannot cover all, her ulterior motives.
No intent to murder him, until warming of water, to wash my hands.
Entrusted, because the whip bend well, I'm fascinated.
By rain appearing dim, a tuft of the hair for his deceased, residents in this world of suffering waiting.
By a barren woman, to lament for the night sky, cows low.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 355th. week

At the veranda, his wife combing her hair, to be obsessed.
Getting off the bus after, for being pressed for time, to get a taxi. Or, getting off the bus after, for sticking fire in my ass, to get a taxi.
The good-natured old man, on his hypocrisy, to prepare hisself for. Or, the good-natured old man, on his hypocrisy, to lay his belly.
To purse up her lips, like a bough of willow, correcting her eyebrows.
By the doll, leaving myself to be invited, the days walking with.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 354th. week

To hold your fire, his expression saying, looks like to make me buy.
Flying the kite, too late now it's, a reef knot had done.
A young bride, eggs beaten, two blood drops on.
Be scared of, by his wing, under the shadow of.
Her visage used to be, feigning ignorance, and fallin' to love.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 353rd. week

This is you, in the rectangle, five-digit number is.
Even its colour is black, a button tore off, riding a parent's coat-tails.
On a rainy day, a woman with leeches, black hair's glowing.
In front of the bedroom, the three are, stay and standing.
In such a situation, also sitting on the floor grasping one's knees, not knowing how.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 352nd. week

Narcissus, to make lie down, lights on the horizon appear.
Against keyboards, to set itself up, red plates.
Though acting arrogantly, showing his belly, like a drone.
A big kite, acting groveling, over the clouds. Or, a big octopus, acting groveling, over the clouds.
In your room, listening to the song, how many more times are left.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 351st. week

The flowings, on crossing, broken.
Bleeding in sweet, my wife lay down with, mouth‐watering.
My elder brother has gone, a splint to fold in two, the day comes.
That's a lie, who tell that, a black dog.
Taking a nap, the scissors fallin', for giving him a warming.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 350th. week vol. 2

On the velvet, downy glows, shining gold. Or, on the velvet, downy grows, shining gold.
To bring a smile, in the mirror, hanging herself. Or, to bring a smile, in the mirror, falling down her head.
Like having worms, to eat soba, how noisy it's.
A purse in red, saying may it please your honour, holding out his hand on.
Though culpable it is, on the ring of Saturn, a rainbow comes.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 349th. week

At the shore swaying, broken lights, the cat licks.
Late coming spring, three corpses, where they go.
One two three, more than numbers of rice cakes, age teaches wisdom.
On one sleeve, by a bleeding, remains of.
At a loss for words, for a makeshift, the moon in the shadow I see.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 348th. week

To come across my wife, my tongue should have bit, a few and more.
On the curb, complaining of his, twenty years old already.
At every end of the month, with obituary gifts, going on a pub crawl.
Her doll, turning it's upside down to hold, a imp smiles.
The butt of an elephant, corpus over there, some viscera are.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 347th. week

The moon laughing a ringing laugh, an arc by a toilet seat, over there.
An useless child, a tick or not, carrying on.
On my right side, as a palliative, to sell the king.
It's snowing, such as a vegetable, being attacked by.
With no hat on because of. even raining on December, covetous it's.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 346th. week

About the matter, only on a Facebook, a description there is.
For my urination, to search, rain comes.
Tears of a woman, who bound up, the rope sipped.
A moneylender, a door made of plastic sheet also, knocking.
A lodger's, taking a rent because of, in storage space above closet I live.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 344th. week

By washed hair, the name of colour also, having forgotten.
On her left hand, the scent of roses, and a black lizard.
Even her mascaras, broken to pieces, just having over.
On the ice, flipping over of a wooden door, being drowned.
A farewell letter there, to hold out softly, with the amulet.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 342nd. week

Of the summer's day, who gave his name a love, being cheated.
To sit up straight, to have thought, my brain do.
To get a tiny share of the profits, to make a mistake, standing on my hands.
From Odessa, rolling over and over, a wheelchair also.
Across the meridian, on the other side, I'm waiting.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 341st. week

Look carefully, at the cleavage of its scissors, the dirt under the nails there.
The big-headed says, a wardrobe which is the bigger one, as a cloak of invisibility.
On one of her upper arms, the tri-stars shining, the day comes.
On her lips, put on my pointer finger, I try.
On the boat, only two baggages, have shaken.

composed by them.

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