conceived and constructed by たいとしはる tai toshiharu
The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 337th. week

To weigh, at one night and other night, on the thick berry.
Before she comes to my home, two pillows on my bed, turning over.
Be incriminated an offense, for cooking up an excuse, a fond parent he is.
With an Umeboshi, a dish of kimchi and a piece of salted salmon, how red are all of them.
After each meal, same numbers of tablets, to crumple.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 336th. week

Of our mobile phones, to turn the power off, on a starry night.
To shoot dice, at the one of the four corners, bitter past there is.
A string shrinks, dangling in the air, pulled out my teeth.
At the dusk, being cowed by, to disappear on the wave.
To turn off the lights, three men waiting for, in my dream.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 335th. week

The snake, one of his pupils in crimson, to be stared.
The convict, at this late in the game, to preach we should trust.
Even this child, a few of he has, the secret of secrets.
The wooden clappers, on beating, sparks come flying.
Being stunned, the man looking up, sitting square.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 334th. week

Two of old women, on verge of the death, a mirror they need.
For my funeral makeup to say, for moving them to laughter, putting on lipstick.
To draw a perpendicular, at the bottom of, "Let there be light" being said.
Arrived at the pier, on eight twenty, making a worried look.
To our deceased children, red bricks though there are, what should we do I wonder.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 333rd. week

In hard cheddaring, to a crocodilia by swamp, asking for.
As being lost, to swindle, and follow after.
In the Bathtub, getting wet in red, a woman it's.
On the moon, laughing at the earth, the day has come.
Only the man left, the first one calls it, he is.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 332nd. week

At dawn, without grumbling, six come. Or, at dawn, four or five not to say , six come.
On one-way traffic, haven parked must be, for running through.
Of a lotus root, six bullets to the holes, for loading a gun.
After overturned, a life to be saved also, falling love.
On the days the sun shines, after wiping my sweat, the urine leaks out.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 331st. week

On a slope, only rallying cries, having echoed.
On dealing tiles, behind my neck, a set of eyes on me I feel.
The tide coming in, supposing to bury in, someone's money.
A pillow in my arms, like a baby, trying to hold.
The dawn comes, having shed my tears, how nonsense it's.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 330th. week

An ape also, putting black buttons, in the wrong holes.
Of the xylophone, on the treble is there, cold tofu.
On the second semester, being likely to be late her class, eating a bread.
Each of everyone of us, no concern of you, has gone.
A mother lost her child, a broken shoe in her arms, sitting and hold..

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 329th. week

Of the man who has gone, not to urge his on, even if Oni do.
To lie on my stomach, to feel servile, the red shoes I can see.
How you can see, of the mask torn, inside in.
Under autumn sky, only a Japanese hand towel, wet gotten.
On compare heights, to see the persons to choose, for choosing one.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 328th. week

To take his saxophone, the right little finger of him, to get the shakes.
The sun goes down, standing on her tiptoes, the chairs are shaking.
In the box, her windpipe of a nun, a red tongue is.
A cup of tea, after spilling, to have two cups of.
A flower blooming, after the dance with, having tricked.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 327th. week

Before I'm gone, for the night when I revive, to make a request of mine. Or, before I'm gone, for the era when I revive, to make a request of mine.
Because of opening a store, only a advertising gift, decreasing in number of.
Under cover of night running away, scratches to measure the children's height on the pillow, with their lines of tears.
Typhoon, carrying on his back, a giant runs away. Or, typhoon, to chase, a giant runs away.
On a fine day, than a straw hat, what turns around more.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 326th. week

By corn, being provided a breath of southern air, it swings.
On the spire, to stick by vinyl, to follow others blindly. Or, on the spire, to stick by vinyl, lightnings strike others.
To said you may go in, the man have no retreat, flying a kite.
At the heat of the day, also sunburn corpses, turning over.
To wipe my sweat, and blow, on a pinwheel.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 325th. week

At the evening on summer, a strange fruit, failing to crop.
On the meridian, the dawn crossing, what colour it is.
As soft boiled egg, to regard myself, in the cage (to sell).
On the towel, to get her slaver, the tracks made of.
In an evening shower to be caught, also a saw get wet, dazzling it's.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 324th. week

Under the basement, to mutilate the corpus, playing into my hand.
Rats get away, a tongue of the baby gets longer, the season has come.
To get some bows, two or three, roses of winter bloom.
Of the guiltlessnesses, from the window the one gone, today it's.
Towards a edge of the mountain, by force of circumstances, to burst into flame.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 323rd. week

On his bald head, to keep a low profile, an adhesive plaster put on.
Red rust gotten there, at the kitchen sink, to fail in his social duties.
To peel a pear, who call her up, a child by a subordinate wife she is. Or, to peel a pear, also known as she is, a child by a subordinate wife.
While crying, to scoop to a dish, for large serving curry and rice also. Or, while crying, to order, for large serving curry and rice also.
At a a handrail on the bridge, his late mother to wish for, three days before.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 322nd. week

Her hair, to have drown, figured from past.
At end of the month, also the white knight, conceived.
By distant thunder, only he's laughing, because of the heavy drinker.
Surely I do, to behave properly, on tomorrow I will.
To receive emails, hoist and line up flags, rainbow colour I get.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 321st. week

Because of being obscure, by only one sneeze, coming as flying.
Of holly-olive, the season has come, a red clothes to wear.
Death of my father, and a lie by a woman, have weighed in the balance.
On the nape of her heck, being soiled, like a catering lady.
Even if looking back, for having forgotten, it rains today.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 320th. week

On idle gossip at sewing circle water cooler, a woman competing, the who falling love is there.
With the painter, days of quarreling, to view with nostalgia.
Of the woman dressed in male attire, only her name, having recited.
To lout herself, on her grey hairs, putting the brush.
In waiting impatiently, under his false name, to buy an umbrella.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 319th. week

Of the contract, only right corner, to wrinkle a little.
By melancholy, waiting for my president, being bore in the night.
To sentence us, being awe‐inspiring though, to have a critical lack he is.
Under the blazing sun, who have a hot tea, to know a feeling like that.
To tell a infant, things happens that, to pretend like her mother.

composed by them.

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Haiku : Five Verses In Seven Days, the 318th. week

Loud laughter, not an undead, talk big. Or, loud laughter, not an undead, eat a man.
Being hurry up, pale on her pinkie, stained with lipstick.
Drinking hot water, to have a cough, a grain of rice left.
Their mouthes sealed, even the one like Matsuo Basho, stay there.
A balloon falls, to smile in glee, a vampire does.

composed by them.

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